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Application of RFID technology in unmanned new retail


  Amazon's AmazonGo unmanned store launched in 2016, its pre-emptive shopping experience of ^getting it right away, skipping the queue ̄ has been widely watched by the industry. At one time, unmanned stores have become a new trend in the global retail industry.

  In contrast to the domestic market, the new retail momentum is on the rise, the industry is particularly hungry for new technologies and new applications, and the domestic market is called the world's leading mobile payment situation. For a time, unmanned stores have sprung up.

  Under the new retail, unmanned convenience stores and unattended technology are in full swing. It relies on Internet IT systems, artificial intelligence recognition, and automatic cash register technology to realize unmanned/small, intelligent/semi-intelligent sales scenarios to enhance sales. Experience and reduce management costs.

  The existing unmanned convenience store shopping process in China is relatively simple. First, customers need to scan the QR code (WeChat or Alipay) when entering the store. If there is no real-name authentication, they cannot enter.?After the user selects the goods in the store, the goods need to be placed neatly in the checkout area of ??the checkout counter. Then, the display screen on the side of the test stand will automatically display a charge QR code, and the user can scan the QR code by using WeChat or Alipay. Complete the payment and leave the store.

  As far as the shopping experience is concerned, it is obviously impossible to achieve a ^get-and-go ̄ shopping experience like AmazonGo, takego and Amoy coffee. The technology used is relatively simple but reliable.?Mainly used RFID technology, face recognition technology.?RFID tags are attached to the in-store merchandise packaging, which avoids the need for complex image recognition processes like AmazonGo and Takego. Built-in full-view video surveillance can effectively discourage customers from cheating in the store (such as destroying goods and tearing RFID) Labels, etc.) Of course, once a cheating behavior occurs, the system will automatically alarm and the relevant personnel will promptly rush to the scene to deal with.?At the same time, there are also some shortcomings. For example, once a customer cheats, the cheater has enough time to leave before the relevant staff arrives. This is why most unmanned vending machines are currently placed in closed high-end residential areas. It is.

  Unmanned self-service vending machines can be opened and taken, that is, take away, each layer is replaced by an RFID antenna, and an RFID electronic tag is attached to each product for automatic reading.?Download the app APP, real name registration, combined with ant credit, scan the QR code on the vending machine, automatically unlock, the customer can take away the goods that they need to buy, then close the door, the background automatically settles the deduction.?Using the high-frequency RFID solution provided by Voen, you can achieve stable and fast reading, and the antenna reading range is evenly distributed.

  Founded in 2006, Shanghai Fuen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest companies engaged in research on Internet of Things and RFID technology. The company has a registered capital of RMB 2002 million and has more than 1,500 square meters of research and development in Shanghai National 863 Software Incubator (Shanghai) Base. The base and the 2000-square-meter production base focus on the development, production and sales of hardware and software for RFID automatic identification, automatic data acquisition and Internet of Things.?Under the application of unmanned vending machines, Voen has introduced the D1316 high-frequency 16-channel read/write device, which provides high-frequency antenna size customization services and RFID electronic tags.

  Unmanned vending machine RFID application equipment selection:

  Option 1: High frequency solution ISO15693 (preferred)

  D1316 high frequency 16 channel read and write device

  High frequency laminate antenna (can be customized)

  HT401 high frequency sticker

  Option 2: UHF solution (ISO18000-6C)

  D2384C UHF 12 channel read/write device

  UT201 UHF sticker

  UHF laminate antenna (customizable)